Oblique is slanted too much in ID PDF

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Hi there. This is my first post and I'm nervous! The expertise on this forum is intimidating.

I'm having a problem with the way Trade Gothic Oblique is printing from PDFs I create in InDesign CS. The Oblique is getting an extra slant, but only when I print from the PDF. The extra slant is not visible in the PDF on screen. It does not have the extra slant when I print directly from the ID file to my Epson 4000 (non-Postscript). When I set the Oblique in a Quark 6 doc and create a PDF file, it prints fine. It seems to be a problem only with the PDFs created in ID.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

TradeGothicItalicsTest1.pdf560.38 KB
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Hi Teresa, welcome!
Can you provide a PDF sample? (edit your initial post and attach the file to it)

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Thank you, Miguel!

It took a couple of attempts, but I think the file is attached now. I should have changed the name from Italics to Oblique, but this was just a test file.

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Teresa, I just printed your PDF and it came out the same way as it looks on screen.

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Miguel, does it look like it's properly slanted? Or too slanted? I wonder why my Epson is interpreting that PDF so strangely... the Oblique type is angled way too much on my print-out. Thank you for letting me know how it printed out for you.

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I suspect is is something to do with fonts that were originally style-linked in suitcases, which is the way things were done in the good old days before OS X.
Perhaps new versions of Acrobat do not recognize the suitcase, within which linking was required to cause italicization to happen.
But now, the italicization happens due to other font information, however Acrobat thinks that it hasn't happened, so applies a mechanical slant as well.
Same thing for bold...
Just a theory.

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