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Hey All,

Born Magazine just launched their Summer 2001 issue, and I was invited to participate. I'd be curious to hear what you think of my piece, the visual interpretation of a poem entitled "Outside the Slaughterhouse" by Ted Genoways.


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I really liked it. That's how I got to this board and your beautiful Typophile site. I enjoyed the cuts of meat metaphor.

However, it would be nice if when you moused over the individual lines of the poem, there was more time to absorb the words before they faded away.


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I have the same opinion about the short time to read the lines of text.

But i real like it.

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I think your "clinical" treatment gives extra
sharpness to the poem. If the choppy delivery
of the text (where the reader is hastened and
sometimes forced to backtrack - like the poor
livestock itself) is intentional, then that's
great. One idea: a subtle sound track (maybe
something like at, or JMJ's Zoolook)
would add to it, as long as it's in a very
muffled, low-frequency range.


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