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so i have a problem. fontlab 5.0.2 will no longer startup on my mac intel system. just started today. first time. it gets to the loading point where it says caching ATSUI fonts and then crashes out asking me to reopen or try again. something to that effect. i saw a previous thread about this but nothing ever seemed to be resolved. someone said uninstal problem fonts. well i deactivated all of them except the system fonts which i can't change.

please help? i just bought this program two weeks ago...

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well, to update my own post, seems like if anyone runs across this problem, just trash you fontlab preferences and restart the program. worked fine after that so far. there seemed to be a couple fontlab preference files. don't trash the license one or youll have to dig up your serial number and retype that in on restart


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NB: I would have piped up on this, but I looked at your subject line and thought, "ATSUI font caching...don't know much about thread" and didn't even click on it until today. I think "FontLab won't start on Mac" would have been a better choice. Glad you got it worked out on your own.

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I just ran into the same problem on my PowerBook. I ran a google search on ATSUI fonts to see what ATSUI stood for, hoping that would shed some light on the problem but this thread was the only meaningful link. I can't believe I didn't think to look here for an answer first. I'm glad you did, and I'm glad you figured out the problem. I had just customized my preferences prior to it crashing so it makes a certain amount of sense the two would be related. However, I can't find my preference files. I found the Application Support folder for FontLab but don't see any preference files. Where should I be looking?

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Look in the user directory: ~/Library/Preferences/

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Wow, finally found it. Don't know how I missed it the first couple times I looked in there.

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