Eighth Day Final

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Threw out one other arrangement and a love of ball terminals with Carousel

Cant seem to get my jpegs to show on the old post, otherwise I would have kindly just placed this post there.



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Scratch that, got a comment elsewhere that it was If Mrs. Partridge opened up a spa and invited in all of the old 60's movie stars. Wrinkly. (In reference to Carousel)

Stuck with the Bauer Bodoni.

However, I did like the looks of Didoni. ..

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I really like the logo, but the Bodoni isn't working for me. It just commands so much attention with all of its contrast and fanciness. I think Bodoni or Didot could work, but I'm not a fan of how you have set the type in relation to the mark. Right now, the type is competing with the logo. Perhaps the logotype is a sans face instead? Something to allow your logo more visual presence.

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there is something a little too sharp and edgy in the upper example's serifs.

something in the black color (real color, not typographic) isn't sensitive enough near that symbol. perhaps you might try toning down the black just a little so it would't threaten that lovely symbol you've designed.

overall it's good, i really enjoy looking on it.

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what's with the angel like shape? I don't mind the infinite loop and longevity, the colours, type choice and style of the '8' don't seem connected at all (in my opinion).

Am I missing something about the 8th day? what's it a reference too? It's only wording I know but I also don't understand the use of "organic wellness spa" - sounds like simply throwing organic in there to make people think it's 'nicer'

Paul Ducco
Web Design Wellington

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I like the upper right one, feels like wellness. You might move the logo a bit down, it feels more compact when you look at it.

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What about Miller from Font Bureau?

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Paul, it's simply a refernce to giving your self a whole "new" type of day, a new outlook, organically speaking. It's not just an organic spa, but it preaches and teaches organic lifestyle. Hope that ties it together a little more. I'm not super happy with the way the logo ties into the typeface but at this point im exhausted, suggestions as to how to tie them together would be greatly appreciated.

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