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We had to make a logo in school for a company that's book-related (publisher, ...).
We had to make sure that the logo consisted of a simple book-shape and that it could be printed in one color. I'm not sure about the typography though...




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First one's the best, Gill Sans doesn't fit at all.

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Why didn't you take a look at a Deco looking face like Mark Simonson's Mostra. Its contempory but has the Deco feel and it has alternate characters.

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thx, i'll check it out!

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Hi Kenny. A nice and simple design. What would improve it?
I think it is heavy in the top corners and bottom center. As you properly already know verticals and horizontals will not look the same even if the are exactly the same width, so optical adjustments would improve this. If this is to be used in print (which i assume it is) opening up corners for bleed conpensation would be a good idea. See .jpg for improvement suggestions.logo improvements

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Ole's right.

BTW, I'm thinking this is screaming for a "d" and "b" to be made into the facing pages. It's a shame the two letters aren't flipped - but see what you can do with that - it's a natural. Maybe the ascenders can be made into the spine of the book.

The Helvetica/VAG Rounded though is great, especially if it's supposed to be a publisher of children's books.


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good stuff! now that's what i call constructive critics ;)

we don't have to print it smaller than an inch, we just needed to make a booklogo, that's it.
But I'll work it out, thx.

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For what size is this version designed for? If it gets much smaller
the type will have to be much larger. Remember that logos are
most often printed smaller than one inch. If that logo appears
on the binding of a book no one will see the text.

I think the symbol is excellent and I actually think most sans
typefaces will work well with it. Those with round terminals do
fit very well with that image. Have a look at Fountain's Imbiss Package.

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