Liberta Font, TypoArt

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I'm searching for a scanned or photographic version of the liberta font for my thesis. Does anybody in here have a typespecimen of the East-German TypoArt? I don't have a specimen of that foundry (yet). Does anybody has a typespecimen where it's included?
Thx in advance.

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Actually, I do.

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Get a glance of the face in this german thread, at Georgs fantastic (the oblique is here) and also at Ralf Hermanns Flickr-show.

Hope that helped.

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Brilliant, thx

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I can do a Hi-res scan from the Jaspert Encyclopedia if you like. I was actually looking at it this morning, noting the similarity in serif shape to Dolly!


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I didn't think much of it till I saw the sample setting it against Garamond and Didot. Very nice colour to the text version.

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