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Hello everyone,

I'm currently starting a new company as a graduation assignment together with a friend of mine, and we are looking for some feedback on a logo we designed. We are both developers and therefor not so good at designing a logo :)

We are going to develop mobile applications and games using Flash Lite. We came up with something and are wondering if you might have some critique.

Thanks in advance,

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It's very web 2.0, which seems to be what you're going for, so good for you on that count.

Did you create this as a raster graphic? The only reason I ask is that "FUNK" seems blurry. You should create logos as vectors so they will scale better.

The star is a little too far into the 'K' for my liking. Also, you may lose details in the phone buttons in small or low-resolution environments (such as on a phone).

- Lex

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You might want to try out some other ideas, or get a designer/typographer to help you out.

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