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I have to recent logos here that I made about four months ago. I'd like some feedback on them. The first one is finished but changes can be made, haven't finihsed the website yet and just started making the businesscards.

Deadline Visual Arts (great name)

This is for a production company, founded by a friend of mine. I'm also part of the company, making dvd covers and stuff. Anyway the idea is to portray the company as serious and poweful, with a little hint of humor maybe. They make very low budget movies but we make everything look like it's with a little bigger budget :)

Dina IST 2006

This project is over and done. It was a mobile TV project displayed at the Helsinki IST fair last year that lasted for three days. Dina is our schools tv channel. The logo aint perfect but and I'd like some pointers on this one as to what I could've done diffrently and improvment suggestions.

PS. I'm pretty new to typography. I don't have much knowledge about it and I just ordered a typography book to get a little more insight into the world of typography and design in general.


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It's not very visually interesting. The "explosion" doesn't seem to come from any particular point, and the red/orange divide will be almost impossible to see at any smaller size. Typographically speaking, Times New Roman has been used over and over again by every non-designer on the planet, and it's lost any sense of uniqueness it once had. I can't say I'm a big fan of letterspaced small caps, either. Do some sketches by hand and see what you can do to make it a little less staid.

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forgot to add the other link.

I started looking at other fonts then Times. I found Sabon pretty interesting and I think I'll try that instead.

Personally I don't have a real problem with the explosion, yet. The filmstrip bothers me more for some reason. Gonna try and make some scethes by hand and see if i come to a better solution.


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Try to keep the letterspace between the word VISUAL ARTS smaller and centered.
It will look tighter and more elegant!

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