Some suggestions for a newsletter "updating"

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Hello Typophiles,

I've been lurking around for the last few months and I've been picking up bits and pieces of information from what I've read here and in a few other books (I've picked up a copy of Bringhurst).

I'm working for a biweekly newsletter that covers the scientific instrument business. We're getting ready to make a few changes. We're sticking with Palatino for the body text, but we'd like to start using a sans for headings and titles. I was attracted to Proxima Nova, but would it be a bad thing to mix a humanist serif with a geometric sans? Of the standard humanist sans serifs mentioned, I like Frutiger.

Finally, do you think it would be good to change the issue information at the bottom to the sans?

Any other comments would be welcome. Thanks very much.

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Also, give the type more leading, acenders and decenders are a little close.
footers also too close to the text, and is the bold red line on the footer necessary?
I'd loose it, looks pretty ugly

One typeface looks fine (the bold for headings).


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Thanks Duncan. Point taken about the leading. We were actually just talking about losing the bold red line. So, to avoid the text wrap, better just to have the graphs and such just take the space of a column?

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