Aaux Pro VS Freight

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I am currently replacing the current typeface for a publication that was previously using “Swiss” for the body copy. We would like to have a Humanist sans family that is large like Aaux Pro http://www.typetrust.com/fonts/font.php?id=MzE5 The reason why we are not using Aaux Pro is because our sister magazine is now using it. I did find Joshua Darden’s font Freight Sans to be quite nice as well http://www.joshuadarden.com/shop/freightsans.php it just needs the H&JS to be loosend up a bit. If you could give me your opinion on these two that would be fantastic. and if you have any suggestions of other fonts that would be much appreciated.
The fonts I was previously looking at were:
FF Meta
FF Scala Sans
Mundo Sans
Vista Sans

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Aaux has a problem with tiny counters in the heavy weights. It looks like there was some corners cut in the extrapolation process. For more info, read about the improved Apex, which might not be a bad alternative itself.

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