Whitespace around photographs

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I'm currently working on a photo journal publication and wanted to seek opinions from other designers regarding whitespace around photographs. The publication itself is landscape format so as most of the photographs.

Is there a generic rule whether should more white space be added if for instance the photo contains a main subject. And less white space (margins) if it is just a photo of a landscape for instance?

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I don't know about anyone else, but I start with 1p around pix and adjust it depending on the content, type, etc. You may well want more, but you sure don't want less.

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i don't know if it is a rule, but i always try to use as much white space as i can, and let the photo or text or logo,or anything to breathe.

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I uasually put alot of space around the photo because I like to have my name there and title of the photo or when and where it was taken. I've started putting it at about 50px on each side, when the photo is roughly 700*480

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