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I have 6 fonts that I have designed. One of the fonts is almost completely developed in FontLab. The others are part developed in Illustrator.

I am looking to develop a famous foundry by producing the highest quality fonts. I want to partner with a developer that holds high standards for themselves and their work and has the highest attention to detail.

I own and run a design company and do not have enough time to design and develop the fonts. I have found the development of fonts a steep learning curve and can appreciate the skill needed to develop fonts. I have good experience in business and marketing and have high ambitions for the foundry I want to build.

I look forward to any serious inquiries, comments or advice.



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can we see the typefacves?


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I'd change the name of Neutra if I were you, to avoid any confusion or possible lawsuits:


Nick Cooke

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I have tweeked the font since, but to give you an idea of the first I have developed:


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Thanks for the great advice Nick!

I think i will have to change it. Any suggestions for the rename will be greatly received.

Many thanks


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Isn't "Rhona Gillmore" just Peignot Light extended slightly?

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In the same way Gotham is just Avenir with slight changes?

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No, Gotham and Avenir are not anywhere near this similar. "Rhona Gillmore" could be recreated in any program that can horizontally scale type, starting with Peignot Light.

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Yes I agree. With these characters it does look like an extended Peignot Light.
Although, when you see the other characters it starts to look very different.

In my opinion Peignot is almost a very nice typeface. It has some very elegant characters, others look ugly. I intend to create a new font simular to Peignot but elegant throughout.

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"I am looking to develop a famous foundry by producing the highest quality fonts."

James, you seem to have the ambition of your uncle Donald. I wish you the best of luck in your enterprise.

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mate your better off doing iy yourdself, no one will really want to be your production monkey!


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James there are production guns for hire. You should google it. I have ran into several of them, so they excist. The cost of developing a small family could be very high though. Designing, producing and testing is a very time consuming full-time job. We're talking months here. Best of luck.

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Are you willing to pay somebody up-front to "manufacture" the fonts for you? If not, this is only likely to work out if the fonts are exceptional (tough call) and you settle on some profit-sharing scheme. There are too many fonts out there, at low prices, for it to be otherwise.

> I intend to create a new font simular to Peignot but elegant throughout.

There are possibly legal, and certainly ethical, complications when doing something like this. Excoffon, a contemporary of Cassandre once did the same sort of thing to Peignot early on (by some accounts even before Peignot was officially released) and the uproar was a trigger for the creation of ATypI.

Furthermore, concerning Peignot in particular, it's important to note that it was much more than just another font - in essence it was actually an attempt to reform the Latin script. As a result, any "taming" of it (presuming that's what you've done - maybe not) involves complications beyond merely the formal.

Not trying to be confrontational, just trying to help.


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