Alternatives to Copperplate for Logo Design

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I am looking at creating concept logos for a country hotel. It is a historical building, with oak paneling etc; and the owners want to project the place as somewhere for adults to enjoy some peace and quiet in countryside surroundings - with spa facilities and great cuisine!

I am thinking of an all caps or small caps logotype coupled with a stylised illustration of the wrought iron gates that protect the entrance. From memory I am thinking of copperplate, trajan pro, requiem, castellar...

Can anyone suggest other similar alternatives - better still, fonts with alternative swash options (although I want to avoid too script-like an appearance).

I'm going to go for double jeopardy now, and ask for people's thoughts on a body typeface that projects a warm modern feeling with a hint at the historical significance of the building... I'm a fan of Warnock, but Versa from ourtype has caught my eye. Comments?

Many thanks for any feedback!


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You say that the building is “historical,” what period?

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For the logo you might like Estilo.

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All over the place (or time) actually... original part medieaval with improvements made throughout the timeline, then major victorian overhawl, then edwardian ammendments!

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