Website ripoff

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Doug Alves designed and I built this website, Doug's graphic design portfolio.
(Javascript effects are from the moo.fx library).
Website featured at NTMY yesterday.

One would expect a little more creativity from a graphic designer. Javascript effects are very easy to do these days. You can still find my comments, in Portuguese, in the code.

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If it's any constellation, the ripped off website by Stefan Lucut won't load on my computer. It's just a lonely, linkless black background.


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That completely sucks. Bust him.


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It's down. Must have had a guilty conscience.

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Or someone called him on it. What a bozo!

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Like i said before I didn’t know that cause a friend of mine made it for me. Cause i don't have strong knowledge in html or java or anything else. I send and email to Doug Alves and tell him whats happen, i put down the website and made a new one. But you are really kind people.

Thanks, Stefan

And btw not my website was featured on ntmy.... MY PROFILE!

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