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This is a logo I

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Loose the periods between the V and I its inconsistant because you don't have a period after the P. Plus it will create more open space.

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I am assuming that you are trying to represent an equalizer reading with the period play, since they are such odd shapes. It's not a bad idea, but it needs to be exagerated more for it to work. Right now it's not easy to see, that is, if I'm right.

Steel blue is cool, but the gold pops (reminds me of my childhood Saturday mornings, watching Solid Gold).


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Is that gold?

It looks like urine to me.

The blue is nice.

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i'd choose the black if it were me, it gives more contrast to my eye with the silver paired with it.

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I might be un-constructive or maybe I'm just gonna be b****y and say that anything round bitsy like this (as in pass

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