(x) Pointing hand dingbats - various {gang}

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besides "Wood Type Ornaments 2" and Zapf Dingbats do you know of a set that has the pointing hand?

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Adobe Caslon Ornaments has it... and, um... Wingdings? :-)

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LettError Salmiak has some nice hand-drawn pointing hands in the Catchwords font that is part of the package. DF Calligraphic Ornaments have some fancy pen-drawn hands too (See character map).

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IIRC, Scala has a dingbat font with fists.

[It's the Scala 2 set actually. $40 for just the hands.]

[Erp. As Tiffany says below, it's Sacala Sans]

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All my hands:


XPointed desert:






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Zapfino has some lovely fists, some with elegant pearl bracelets.
There's also a duck.zapf fists

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Fountain's Zanzibar also has a pair of calligraphic hands similar in style to the ones found in Zapfino.

No duck, but there is a pineapple.

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i love that pineapple, i may use it on my little sister's wedding announcements. ;^)

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y'no I had a spread sheet of Zanzibar out of Applied Arts mag taped up to the fridge during christmas - our pseudo santa list (the fridge door)

Zanzibar didn't make it - the people in the house just don't understand and thought I'd get more of a kick from the new socks ( I did have lots of socks on the list)

anyway - thanks alot for the list eh. Its a suggestion I wanted to put into myfonts.com...dingbats and all - I search for specific ones way too often without noting.

you guys hit it.

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FF Scala Sans has some good pointing fingers. Even some using different fingers.

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