Meinert Corporation

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Quoting the client:
"The Meinert Corporation was founded by Edward Meinert as a group of organizations focused on: advancing research in technology, small business entrepreneurship and finally, publishing."

the same client as for the previous post - the Whitfield Publications. After I came up with the logo idea, it seemed so simple, that I have been in question - did I saw this somewhere else? Could it be unique? Does it remind any other logo to any of you?

Thanks in advance.

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The simpler a logo, the greater the chance that it exists in some similar form out there. You really only have to be concerned that there's nothing similar in Meinert's industry.

That aside, you should look at your type a bit. The main part, "MEINERT" needs some kerning work, mostly on the MEIN. Also, "CORPORATION" is too small. When you reduce the logo, it will not be readable. It needs a different lockup.

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Reminds me of the Konica Minolta logo....

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Well....I wonder if you would see the resemblance if it was made in dark red or orange instead of blue. I hardly see a resemblance, but ...hey, that's why I asked.

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There's a resemblance both logos feature a blue ellipse with white lines in it, but I don't think it's a big enough resemblance to warrant changing your logo (especially since Konica Minolta is in a different field of business).

- Lex

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This isn't helpful at all, but it reminds me of the Monsters Inc logo...

On a more serious note, the logo makes me think of a large faceless (and perhaps unethical) company. Perhaps it's the way the M in the circle draws the eye up, which makes it feel like the logo is looking down or overshadowing me. This said, I think the logo concept is very good.

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