"Level - Spirit of Absolute" vodka

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Need some help with this face.

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level: Modified Eurostile Condensed

Spirit of Absolute: Bickham Script

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Eurostile would be one place to start, but I'm betting there are closer options -- faces that already have the slight tail on the l, for example. No time to look, but I'd check foundries that have a lot of geometric sans: You Work For Them, Lineto, T26, Die Gestalten, Thirstype...

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Apex Sans would be an option, for example:


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I don't disagree with you Marc, but the tails on the l's are sharp/angled not curved like most of the sans fonts out there. I do agree that Apex is a close fit for the font based on the e's (less oval and more rounded rectangle), which is also similar to Eurostile/Microgramma. Based on the letterforms, we're both right.

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