(x) Looking for the font 1-ProLook_Demonized {Angel}

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Customer sent us a PDF file to make screenprinting separations, but we need to make changes. Opening the file in Illustrator works fine, but the original artist never outlined the fonts, so we are stuck redrawing the type unless we can get this font. It looks like a strange morph between a collegiate face and Latinwide. Google search revealed nothing. Jpg attached. Any help is appreciated.

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if the fonts aren't outlined, what font is it asking for?

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It looks like a modified City to me (the 'S' especially).

- Lex

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Guess you missed the title of my post (ha ha)

1-ProLook_Demonized is what the font is called, according to Acrobat's document properties>fonts

I just can't find any reference to such a font anywhere online. Really odd.

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Try the Demonized at Dafont.

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sorry printninja, you're right, i missed the title

as angel71 says, it looks like you can get it for nowt at dafont anyway!


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Thanks, that sure looks like it. I contacted the customer who contacted the artist who did the original design, and she said her company "renames" fonts, which is the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

Anyway, thanks for the help. You guys are solid!

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