Seybold SF, 2002

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Anybody attending Seybold SF this year?
It's this week and Expo tickets are free.

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So I don't get it: if van Bronkhorst made himself a bestseller that has a mechanical oblique, plus the money is tight these days (especially in type design), why in hell are we making "true" italics? Is it some kind of coping mechanism or something?


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Things were lighter this year than last. Chalk it up to
trimmed marketing budgets or perhaps people's
hesitancy to travel on the anniversary of 11 Sept.

Some highlights.

Got a free copy of their September/October issue. A
great magazine. They've moved away from their former
dumbed-down, plug-in tips and software tricks into a
much more intelligent read. There's also a good piece
on Mark van Bronkhorst's ITC Conduit.

Quark was there, sort of. If you count one guy
occupying a bar stool and laptop stand. "We don't do
trade shows" was the rep's explanation of Quark's new

Asking about the upcoming Quark release, he said I'd
be blown away by all the nifty features coming in Quark
6, due Q1, 2003. He quickly added that he'd have to kill
me if he told me all of them. I think he was bluffing.
Regarding OpenType support for the new version: of
course. But don't look for full access to all OT features
until 7.0. Where does that put us, 2006?

How could I not feel bad for this guy? He's representing
the market leader in layout software, sitting in the
shadow of the buzzing Adobe pavillion across the aisle.
What these guys need is a serious cash infusion (for
product development and marketing).

Font Reserve
This app looks much cooler than I expected. I've never
tried it, but I'm downloading the free trial as I write this.
There are the usual features, like creating sets and
creating type sample books--stuff you could print for
reference. But there are some handy features I wasn't
familiar with, like searching or sorting fonts by genre
and foundry.

What I really miss (now that I'm using OS X) is the ATM
Deluxe feature that auto-activates fonts from the
background, even if ATM itself is not open, and
regardless of whether you have a set 'active.' That's
technology you can use.

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Too darn busy getting ready for ATypI to go up the peninsula to SF! Gotta get my talks ready....

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