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The Museum of Printing History narrates the story of written communication and the ways in which the technologies of printing have transformed everyones lives. Galleries trace significant developments from ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets, to the Chinese invention of movable type, to Johann Gutenberg's printing press. American history is dramatized through newspaper accounts of major events from the American Revolution to the Civil War; Texas history is told through the life of the state's first printer, with a press he owned and a display of the documents and newspapers he printed. The Hearst Newspaper Gallery demonstrates the emergence of modern printing, and our exhibit of historic newspapers documents pivotal moments in recent history.

The Museum features artifacts such as:
Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals
Ancient Papyrus Fragments
Asian Movable Type & early Asian Printing
Illuminated Manuscripts
1450 Gutenberg Press Replica
Old Master Etchings & Engravings
Ben Franklin’s “Pennsylvania Gazette”
Letterpress & Type Collection
Antique Bookbinding Equipment

The Museum features four working galleries with vintage equipment. The crafts of stone lithography, letterpress printing, papermaking, and bookbinding are demonstrated by resident artists.

The Museum also presents rotating exhibitions highlighting fine art prints, rare books, and artifacts. Educational programs include lectures, and special events.

Museum of Printing History is located in Houston, Texas.

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