Font Design Class

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I am in the SF Bay Area and I was wondering if any one is teaching any font design classes. Something that covers font lab.

Also, any calligraphy classes in the area?

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Well darn. You just missed Amy Conger's annual FontLab class at City College. Maybe you can sneak in half-way through the series.

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Hey Josh! I heard you made valedictorian at ArtCenter.

Yes, Amy's class is good (plus she's a great person). Calligraphy classes?
There must be gobs of them. Try a community college - that's what I did.

BTW, are you up north for good? I ask because: _
And it will offered again next semester.


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Yes, It turns out I am actually smart.

It looks like we (me,the wife, the baby and the vandercook) are up north for a little while... doing some work up here.

I am just looking for something that will force me to keep more active in drawing letters.


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It is enough trouble carrying around everything you need for the baby but to add a Vandercook to the pile is really a load :-)


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Congrats on the baby.

> force me to keep more active in drawing letters.

Impersonate a type designer and get a commission. :-)


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