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Even though this is a typeface I'm working on for a logotype, I decided to post it here because my problem is with the type design and not the logo/logotype/trademark composition.

This is the third font I work on, but I still consider myself extremely green in type design. This font is custom made for a client, and I'm having some troubles with the overall look of it. I feel that the shapes and letters fit together, but I'm having difficulty getting the width (or should I say thickness?) of strikes, specially on the letters " i ", "w", "d", "l" and "p", to look good. As it is, they stand out too much, look rather bold.

Even though it bothers me, that's one of the characteristics the client asked for, a bold but smooth font. Any recommendations on how to fix this, and, what do you think of the font so far?

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I think in this case it would be a matter of judging the thickness by eye, so that everything looks equal optically. So narrowing those verticals, untill they appear of even thickness.

Also it looks like you either forgot to overshoot round characters, or that this overshoot is a bit too small. The baseline seems to bounce.

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Personally if you want the stem widths the same, set up guides to sort it out.

The middle vertical stem bothers me, I think it needs a flat edge like the rest of the type. Also the bar in the middle of the s needs tidying up, keep it straight like the e. Tidy the p up and there's a starting point for you to work from.

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