What typeface(s) works well with Futura?

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I was wondering if anyone knew/had suggestions...
What typeface(s) works with Futura?
I'm using Futura as headings and headlines...
So, I'm looking for something which will work for body copy.

Thank you

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This question was asked not long ago on this thread:


I hope this gives you some ideas.

David Thometz

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garamond looks lovely with futura

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If you've just read that other thread mentioned in gulliver's post above; one font not mentioned there which seems to really be an actual slab-serifed version of Futura, is Linotype Memphis.


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Memphis and Futura look totally fab together. Mostly because Memphis is Futura with slab serifs tacked on.

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nice! thanks. i'll have a look at the link and i'll post what i went with.

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