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I'm looking for suggestions on Rock n Roll typefaces. Not new rock, but older rock. Perhaps in the 70's 80's...maybe even early 90's. I never was really into that whole scene so I am somewhat lost.

I am just beginning my search, so I don't have much information. I'm going to be looking around online tonight, but I decided to start off with a post in case anyone had some suggestions or interesting type-faces that are out there.


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Suggestion: Go to Amazon and look up the albums that struck you from this era. See what the typography looked like. Then if you want, post some samples for IDs.

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i love the fact that you classify 'older rock' as '70s, 80s, 90s'... cos, to this old fart, 'older rock' is '50s, 60s' max!

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Well, in the rock world, anything older than 5 minutes ago is old. ;-)

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Well the thing is, I am not trying to completely mimic or copy a album logo, so I didn't write any bands down specifically. I'm trying to have maybe a typeface with similar qualities, or something else unique that someone could suggest.

I will lists some bands I have been looking at. A lot of their logos are modified type, so its hard to tell what they are.

Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
Twisted Sister
The Who
The Doors
Kiss ** I am leaning toward a type similar to this.
ACDC ** This gothic look is also interesting.
Guns n Roses
Van Halen
The Eagles

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Take a look at Bastard.

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Metal Lord

a cheesy 80's rocker look. i think def leppard used it.


Halfway House

after led zeppelin, as seen on "houses of the holy"

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For Pink Floyd info, look up the amazing design firm Hypgnosis. They have a few books out, but I'm pretty sure they have plenty written about them online. Pink Floyd didn't typically use a lot of text on their album covers, but it can't hurt to look it up.

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I am a big fan of Hipgnosis' work (Storm Thorgerson, George Hardie, et al) -- in addition to Pink Floyd, they also did Led Zeppelin's covers. The LZ logo seen starting with the album "Houses of the Holy" was based on lettering by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. But just as with Pink Floyd, you didn't usually see too much text on their covers.

The AC/DC logo was drawn by Gerard Huerta (info from the man himself here).

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Look up a 1970's programme called 'MAGPIE' - this font typifies the '70s, at least. Also, take a look at Film and Concert Posters for the '50s. '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s Meanwhile, here are a few random images to hopefully inspire you x

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