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Hello everyone,
I am working (along with a couple of my friends) on something called the faculty profile...which is a booklet with information about the faculty members at our institute.We are done with all the ground work.... cilcking their pictures, collecting information about them etc. Now we come to the designing bit. Right now we have kept the size of the page as A5 and we have used different versions of Meta for the text. I would be grateful if you could share your views about anything and everything from the size of the booklet to font and colours we have used... and of course anything inbetween too. I am posting two sample pages below.

Vinu Chaitanya
Graphic Design student
Nation Institute of Design

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I'd try to keep line-length constant, the lines seem to be a little too long in the first pic, but ok in the second. Good pictures, btw.

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You might want to use en dashes instead of hyphens i.e.
…freak – his memory… rather than …freak - his memory…
(this can be affected by nationality, so please disregard if it is not applicable in India)
I am not so bothered by the different measures, as long as you use them to achieve a smooth(ish) rag, which is not quite there in the first image. The images are nice, although it does look as though the cutouts are a bit sharp, (magic wanded?) although that could just be the effect of posting and my monitor.
btw vis à vis


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I'm loving it. The design is clean and fun, and the placement of photos and text is generating some really gorgeous shapes in the negative spaces.

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