(x) Northern Beaches Secundary College - Gill Sans, Univers, Bembo, Davy's Crappy Writing {Patricia, Lex, Angel}

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Hi, looking for the 4 fonts in use here:

Similar fonts are fine. Thanks.


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INNOVATION etc looks like Gill Sans

The address block is Univers 47 Condensed Light


Manly etc looks like Bembo

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Secondary College looks like Univers too, possibly Bold Extended.

- Lex

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You're probably right Lex - I don't have Univers extended for some reason so I didn't see it.

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You could get by with Galliard for the serif "Manly" text.

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I'm pretty sure the serif is Sabon.

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Substitute Feltpen or Fineprint for "Northern Beaches".

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Kate - I looked as Sabon too before making the idea but it doesn't match - see the cap S (no serifs) and the top serif on the "l". It looks like Bembo to me.

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The script matches a font called Liliput (Brendel Informatik) but I can't find much detail about it, so probably a copy of something else.

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The script is apparently David Rakowski's handwriting.

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Angel, good eye. I was hunting through the often-used ClickArts Handwriting fonts when I noticed you had an answer already. Good ol' 'Uncle Davy'. Almost nothing Brendel has is original, so you were right to keep hunting

- Mike Yanega

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