Word substitution in FL

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I’m currently working on a typeface in OT-format. Making glyph substitutions for ligatures is easy – but how (if possible) can I make substitutions with entire words that don’t have the same amount of letters?

I bet there is ‘Python’ mastermind out there!

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To be more specific…

For example: I want the word ‘shit’ to be replaced by ‘excrement’.

feature ss02 {
lookup ss02.pri1 {
sub [shit] by [excrement];
} ss02.pri1;
} ss02;

This is obvious not the way to go – since Fonlab want me to create two new glyphs ‘shit’ and ‘excrement’. Is there a simple way to make this work?

Help me please!

Btw. It didn’t occur to me (until now) that Typophile is performing censorship! Anglo-saxon-american bullshit! Pathetic!

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Check out Thomas Phinney's last example here: http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx/.3bbc5ea4

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Thank you – I’ll take a look!


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