Your views about this poster please!

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I would like to get some feedback on this poster. The poster invites people for a display of work done by some students in a workshop called 'playing with light'. I would especially like to get some views on the font used...if it works for the poster or not and also about the overall look of the poster. Please spare a couple of minutes of your time to tell me what you think.

Vinu Chaitanya
Graphic Design student

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nice image...........

i wouldnt run your type into the darker parts like you have done with the last few names on that list. Im not sold on the placement of 'playing with light' ....for me top left would work better with the image, because the image pulls the eye from left to right, so i would put the main title at the beginning of that line of path, which would probably have a knock on effect onto your other text. But at the moment i just feel it lacks a hierarchy. But i like the overall feel, just think it needs some 'playing with layout' ho ho

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I like the organic feel of the image. Have you tried using a more organic typeface for the "Playing with light" and make it more part of the image?

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This looks great!


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maybe try having the date and venue part in the same typeface as the playing with light part. I don't like the really small pm. its looking amazing though, loving the image.

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Hi there:

The 'visual' alignment of:

7:00 pm Friday
16 February 2007
in the Fountain area

needs a little help.

And I agree i with the others- you need to use another more organic typeface for the title.

Mikey :-)

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It seems that the presentation is over already anyway, if the date given in the poster is correct…
Apart from that, I like it as it is. The names list seems a little too long for the picture, though. And I am wondering if the only names you chose white for are referring to some special people (I mean this white is the only instance that is brighter than all the rest of your poster, which says 'something with light').
Nice work with the 3 UC 'F' in Friday, February, Fountain, btw. The 'organic' feel of the arc you are playing with seems reasonable in connection with these. But then again, why have the names list as straight as it is, left aligned? What about putting it to the upper left? Nah, it strangely fits, anyway, so just forget it ;-)

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I like the atmosphere it has. But I agree with some of the comments above.
I also think that the overall size of the type may be a bit small. Usually, a poster should catch peoples eye from a small to medium distance. With this poster you really would have to get up close, which in itself is fine. But the poster will have to get peoples attention first, for that to happen. :)

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I'd darken the color of the title to make it stand out more, it gets lost down there in the corner. That might not make it work, but its a start. That said, I agrees with the previous comments about alignments and scale.

I think that there's a much bigger flaw in your concept for the piece; neither of your typefaces integrate with the decorative elements they're attached to. The way you've just extended straight portions of strokes and serifs and attached the decorations makes them look like they were tacked on without much thought; you really need to either find fonts that can make the connection smoothly or really start tweaking the outlines to make them work smoothly with the fonts you're using now.

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Thank you so much for all the feedback...will put up a updated version of the poster soon. I would also like to explain a few things which I missed out in the last post. I have mentioned the names of the facutly members who conducted the workshop in white and the names of the students with brown. The image is that of a sliced grape projected on to a wall using an old slide projector. If anyone is interested in knowing more about how we produced the image I would be glad to explain in a little more detail. Thank you once again for all your views.


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vinu> Do tell, Do tell

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Treasure these projects, you’ll rarely have the opportunity to do this kind of image creation. Check your kerning for the Helvetica numerals as well.


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