March 2007 News

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We now present our new typefamily FP Dancer! This typeface is avaiable in 4 weights, incl. italics:
Light, Book, Bold, Black. All with OSF (Old Style Figures) and TF-figures (Tabular Figures).
FP Dancer is a design, which try to combine a constructed face with a scriptface: A upright scriptface.
The goal was a typeface, that combine softness and friendliness with more strength.

Price: 149 Euro/package. 50 Euro/weight.

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Absolutely stunning typeface Morten. Just beautiful. Well worth the wait after hitting the refresh button on your site for months!


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Very nice design. Defenitely one to remember, for when I need any new faces.

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Superb, I appreciate the large whites and its solidity (thanks about Gerda's story).

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Hello all type-freaks:

Maybe you can help me? I'm looking for a Delta Hinting-guy/woman! One, who can do his job very well (and for a price I can pay, of course ;-) In Denmark, there are no one who can make that kind of jobs, so...I would really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Morten

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