Cooper Black Milk Carton

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Anyone know where I can get a Cooper Black generic milk carton? I've seen this in numerous movies and TV shows. I realize this a bit strange but I thought perhaps someone here would know where I could find one. Most people I've talked to don't know what Cooper Black is so I thought I'd ask here. I hope someone can help.


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sad to say, but i don't believe that is our beloved Cooper Black.

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If you want one of those you'll need a time machine or ebay, because they stopped making them that way.

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Can't help you with the carton, but the face looks more like Windsor.

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How embarassing! (My face is about as red as the Typophile logo) I just assumed and I guess I know what that makes me. The sad part is I really should have known better. I still want to find that carton though. Anybody here in props?

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