Font Similar to Trump Medieval?

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Does anybody know of a font similar to Trump Medieval that might fix my predicament? Or maybe just offer a suggestion. I'm trying to squeeze this letters together really tight, and it's causing some unappealing results. I've circled the parts in the attachment that are bugging me. I can break it apart, and tweak it in Illustrator, but I have some other places where I'll be using the same typeface. I would like them to come together easily for a straight kind of "bridge" effect with the text, if you know what I mean. Thanks a bunch!

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Very few serifs will do exactly what you want with spacing this tight. I'm afraid you'll have to go looser or edit outlines.

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That said, maybe Times will play nice.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I tried Times per your suggestion, but I really like the bracketed serifs of Trump Medieval, and Times has curvy ones. Maybe that's what I need. Another typeface with bracketed serifs. If all else fails, I'll just keep it the way it is. I don't feel like changing all the R's.

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Many slabs can do this.

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I believe Whitman will do what you want:

BTW, your use of the term "bracketed" is opposite to how it is usually used. When the transition from the stem to the serif is "curvy" and gradual, then the serif is said to be bracketed. When the transition is abrupt, as in a design like Trump Mediaeval, then it is said to have unbracketed serifs.

-- K.

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I think Trump Medieval is quite interesting. It's not the square serifs alone but also the proportions of the letterforms: narrow B E R against wide D G.

Couldn't you just modify the R's end (lift it up) and cut off the G's bottom serif (or lift it a bit so it sits higher than the E's serif) in Illustrator?

Even if you space versals tightly: BR is too close, and RI too wide. As to DG, I would overlap the curves completely. (I have no image at hand, but if you go here and then click on "glyph set" in the top right menu, there are DO OC OG ligatures which may illustrate what I mean.)


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