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My company has a program/guide that was previously outsourced and it is almost complete. The problem is, that it needs to go to print by Monday morning at the latest, but my boss decided he wanted it to be 6X9 instead of 8.5x11. It is a 40 page document, and I don't have time to reformat the text.

Anyway, he asked me if it would be possible just to resize the .pdf. But i thought it might "squoosh" the text and images. But I don't know. Am I right?

Any help would be great!

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I think the printer can output everything at like 80%. If he constrains the proportions when doing that, everything should be fine.

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Would you have time to shrink individual pages in the lay-out program (which is..?)? That might be a safer method, as long as you keep the scaling prosentage the same for both directions and for all of the pages. You'll also need to adjust the marginals.

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Outputting the doc at a percentage shouldn't "squoosh" anything. But you are dealing with a different shape - 6 x 9 will be more vertical than 8 1/2 x 11.

I had a similar problem once, and ended up creating a new document and then scaling all the elements proportionally and cutting and pasting from the original doc. It was a pain in terms of style sheets tho.

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If you shrink it down, obviously your type shrinks too, so legibility might be an issue unless you used a fairly large point size to begin with.

You could output the document at a reduced size, then import the .pdf files back into your new document size with the margins you want.

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Keep in mind you are reducing it to roughly 75% of what it was. So if you set everyting at 10pt type, it will now be 7.5pt.

If that's OK, yes, just have them output the PDF at 75%. As Patty points out, though, you won't get the same aspect ratio. If it's Ok with it being 'close' to 6x9, the printer could then just trim it to retain the correct aspect ration for you.

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Yes, if the top and bottom margins are generous. Otherwise size it to the height and have the printer center it on the new page size.

Aspect ratio, yes that's the term I was looking for.

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Thanks so much guys, I was afraid I was gonna have to spend all night reformatting.

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