AFDKO / Fea Bundle for TextMate

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Hi peeps, I've put together a small TextMate bundle (TextMate is a text editor for Mac OSX). This should give some syntax highlighting and a couple of snippets to make editing .fea files a bit more pleasurable.

You can grab it here: Typeface development Bundle for TextMate

Let me know if it makes your computer explode or if I've missed something obvious.

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This has just been updated to v1.1. Along with some additions (thanks Tal), a silly bug to do with single quotes in substitutes has been fixed (thanks Ben).

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Excellent! I have only recently purchased TextMate, and was wondering how I would go about doing something similar. Luckily you are much more clever than I when it comes to this! Cheers bro, much appreciated.


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Nice work, indeed. TextMate has replaced SubEthaEdit recently as my coding editor of choice. Also like your other article about version control for fonts.

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Thanks chaps :)

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Has someone successfully written a similar config file for Adobe’s OpenType feature file syntax (AFDKO, FontForge …) to be used with either GeSHi (used e.g. by Wikipedia) or Linguist (used at Github) and would like to share it?

PS: Please excuse me resurrecting and hijacking this thread, but if I try to post a new topic, I always get 500 errors.

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