Interesting signage typography from "Idiocracy"

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Examples of future signage from the movie "Idiocracy" at this link:

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When I watched Idiocracy, I noticed a lot of the signs looked like they were set in free fonts.

One of my brother's friends asked me about a good place to get fonts. I pointed him to FontShop, and also told him about House and a couple of other foundries. He replied that he thought paying for fonts was "dumb" and that he'll just stick to

Maybe the production designers of Idiocracy weren't too far off the mark.

- Lex

P.S. This guy considers himself a designer.

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P.S. This guy considers himself a designer.

There's a lot of that attitude going around, unfortunately: too many people are taking "I think, therefore I am" way too literally. :-(

(For those who haven't seen it, Idiocracy is a brilliant movie....)

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"“I think, therefore I am” way too literally. :-("

Well said Linda.


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