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Hi guys

here is the new stuff i ve been working on. IFMSA(international federation of medicine students associations) ED will assist in diferent ways all over the world in case on an emergency or disaster

the mission was to design a simbol that includes E&D, i replace de ampersan with the plus symbol because it reminds me like a red cross but obviously with other colors. i use a simple language with the E and D and try to show a unified world for this cause. the letters are DIN from fontshop international beacuase i find it very transparent and simple thinking on the universality of the logo.
Once a have all done, the solution of the E and D remids me too much to the CE of the European Union, is just me or this means reconsider the logo?


i also develop a poster to call for apllications, what do you think about it?


thanks for the feedback

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cristian, this is a case where the context sure helps. i initially felt that your symbol was too busy (and it certainly does contain many elements). but after seeing it on the poster i think it works very well!

but i do think that if that logo needs to stand alone on a letterhead or some small mailer, it would be nice to have a version without as many words. the reason i think it works well on the poster is that the green bar and text become a headline to the copy of the poster. they're somewhat removed from the logo because of their function.


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I'm not convinced that the "D" is evident enough. You might need to somehow connect the "D's" stem to the "+" symbol or some other alternative. To simplify the logo you could consider separating the elements of the logo and creating a style/usage guide to control their application. For example, the circular mark is either first read (usually top right) or it is incorporated into the primary graphic design (as in your poster) and the "IFMSA-EMERGENCY & DISASTERS" is a tertiary read via positioning or size relative to the circular mark. BTW, where does 3M come into the picture? Are they the primary sponser?

RE: Poster (only read this if you care to read my take on it as a communicator)

"BE PART OF US" works great graphically, but it reads funny. Some alternatives might be "Take Part With Us", "Come Join Us" or just "Join Us", "Be a Part of It", etc

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The logo: Nice. I agree that the 'D' could be a bit more literal, but it's not bad as-is. The words circling the logo are a bit much and take it into the realm of some sort of 'official seal' but maybe that's OK.

The poster: Very nice, except that you need to loose the globe. It's competing with the logo as the central focus.

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does the IFMSA not have an existing logo and/or is this green bar with the abbrev. it?

I ask because your explaination suggests that this ED unit is only 1 particular service or wing of the IFMSA - if so, should your symbol not include the real IFMSA logo so that the symbol your creating here will be the standard for all other dept or service symbols to follow. - and then with that you may find that its going to get diffucult to design the ED part for units such as (I don't know) Nurses and Surgeons - NS or Disease & Research - DR.

I think this might be what is the busy-ing factor - clarifying who the organization is and then what the service is. you have suggested ED twice - written and abbrev. - so this Emergency and Disasters seems to me the organizations primary purpose or even its name.

I might say to put emergencies and disasters around the circle and lose the fluff words - that way IFMSA stands alone and so does the circle - but they can be used together on top of each other too.

or maybe I'm way off - who knows.

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i agree with the too busy logo stuff, in fact i always thought that i would need a less bussy version for other applications, i think i will use always the new version

I agree about the D legibility but i am not so sure that i prefer the corrected version i am posting here, i have not make a decision yet, maybe you guys can help me with that. BTW thamks for the text corrections, i will trust your intuition, because english is not my native language and this things happends some times, infact i like better the new call

i delete the words, to much information for me. about the central focus on the poster i think the new logo helps on being more important than the globe

you are right about IFMSA, actually they have a logo ( ) but it really don't help with the concept i am working on here, maybe in a future i can help them on changing their logo. ED is a that, a wing and a particular activity of IFMSA, so i think you read it ok.



thanks everyone for the feedback, i hope you like the improvements


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The new position of both the logo and globe definitely reduces the competition between the two. I'm still not completely sold on the globe, though. I think the poster works great without it and the globe is maybe just a bit too much.

The new logo...hmm...the old one didn't have enough 'D' and the new one seems to have too much 'D'. Can you drop one of the connectors in the D to the + and still have it read?

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You've done a really good job applying the recommendations from this critique. You've made some great improvements.

RE: Logo - I agree with Darrel, that connecting only half of the "D's" stem might keep it from dominating the logo. I suggest using the top half, as the bottom half may look like a backwards "G". Also, the "+" looks centered. Another way to decrease the dominance of the "D" might be to offset the "+" to the right. Tanya's suggestion about the circling type helped a lot. Much better.

RE: Poster - I'm not sure that you have enough word spacing between "BE", "A", and "PART", and then "OF" and "IT". The space between "PART" and "OF" seems OK. The globe "O" works for me. The new logo definitely demands more attention than the globe, but I see a relationship between them that is advantageous. Because of the size and shape relationship between the logo and globe, it communicates to me that the E+D organization is global. I assume this is what you intended, and I think it works.


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ok guys, here are the two finalist, thanks for all the quick feedback

final logos

i prefer the option B, but i want to know your opinion


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I like A actually - just seems more balanced but B's D is more ledgible.

I donno - its a toss up.

I also just wanted to mention that your solution to un-busy things with the IFMSA on the circle too is just great. Its much clearer to see that they are the org and this layout will be ten times easier to apply to other units.

the symbol would make great pins or badges.

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Was there an option C where the separation between the foot of the "E" and the lower buttocks of the "D" lines up with the "D's" stem? It seems like that solution would create an implied line for the lower stem of the "D". Otherwise, I feel exactly the same about the two options as Tanya.


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The poster: Can you raise the logo and the text so that the reader isn't staring at the doctor's crotch reading the info? (try shrinking the logo slightly in addition)

Also, could you finagle the doctor's head so that it's not tilted to the side so much? He looks a little intimidating. I'd shrink him a bit and move him and the green floor up so "3M" has some room. The "BEAPARTOFIT" needs to be taken down in size and spaced out better. Be careful. If you do shrink the doctor, try putting the URL on the top or just leave that blue space open.

Good luck! This is nice.

I think A works better than B for the logo. Scott's "C" option might have merit. I mean, he said "buttocks."

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Ah! Forgot to mention the globe...I don't think the globe is helping your cause. I'm with darrel on this one.

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I agree with scott. I think the ideal option may be in between a and b.

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ok, here i am posting the final logo,

scott, your las t D tip was the best, thanks a lot

it's nice to have a usefull feedback when you work independent, i think that this forum is great for freelance graphic desginers, thanks a lot to everyone.


final logo

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Great job Christian!

I'm curious why the logo elements are weighted differently from the 3-color logo. In the 3-color logo, the "ED" is clearly the primary read, but in both of the 1-color logos the IFMSA and "+" are the primary elements. For a consistent message, you might try weighting the background circle more heavily, then screening back the IFMSA and "+". The EMERGENCIES & DISASTERS can probably be black.

RE: Poster

I'm still in support of the globe and the doc sillhoette. I support them both for primarily the same reason. The globe assures that you are communicating a global aid organization, which is a cool thing to be a part of. The doc might look a little intimidating, but to me, it's almost like looking at a superhero

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