Bitmap fonts (pixel fonts for flash)

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first off, i wish to create the fonts for flash. and it's my first time making pixel fonts.

probably someone will direct me to the tutorial on ultrashock - well i've seen that and followed it as best i can.

however i think it all goes wrong at 10. 'open the bitmap, and make sure it looks the same as the outline'

well it does not match up i can see the blacked boxes i have just drawn and also an outline, which i assume it the bitmap outline, and it does not mention how to solve the problem.

can anyone help me out with this


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The Atomic Media tutorial may be what
you're looking for.

Or the folks at Fonts For Flash may have
a deal you may be interested in.

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try skipping that step. see if it works anyway.

also I would avoid making flash fonts in 10pt increments - there's a bug in flash (up to and including MX, I believe) that will blur 10pt. bitmap fonts when used in dynamic text fields

instead design for 8pt increments (800 em square instead of 1000 em... step 6 in that tutorial, then recalc to 8 instead of 10 - step 9)

hope that helps, good luck

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