Scala Sans look-alike

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Hi all, I am new to posting, but have used this board
as a reference for some time now. I'm hoping you can help this newbie!

I am looking for an opentype font which is similar to Scala Sans. It must have bold versions, small caps, and old style figures. I realize that Scala has an opentype version, but the cost is prohibitive!

I am using this for a publication that uses Scala, but in the next issue, I have to set many, many uncommon fractions.

I'm looking at
but would love other suggestions.

Thank you for any help!

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I am afraid, that similar fonts in this size and quality always costs a little bit more.

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What is your budget?

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Have you been looking at Agilita?

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well, I am sure I could convince the non-profit that I work for to
budget about $200 for a font, but I am going to have a hard t
time convincing them to pay $400 for a font we already have!
(albeit useless to me for this project)

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FF Scala Sans OT Reg, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic = $196

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Oh der. Now I feel like a goof. I checked that quickly and assumed SC/OS wasn't supported. I checked the pdf and see that they are!

I found the $405 estimate from ITC here

Thank you for your help!

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