Strangular - (oops, deleted the original thread accidentally)

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Ok, seems like it's time to go to bed for me - i deleted my previous thread accidentally. So here it is again - this time with pdf preview. Did some modifications in the meantime - so some of the characters may look a little different in this version… Thanks to all of you for the comments.

(Strangular is my first try to make a typeface. I got it as a project - client wanted a clean, simple font with good readability as the main preference. Will be used in some gaming consoles, i’m not exactly sure about details..)


strangular.pdf348.77 KB
strangular_v2.pdf494.63 KB
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You need more space after the “scing” line and you don’t want to justify like that the first two lines, do you ?
The black stroke an the top it looks disturbing.
I find the ‘M’ to be too narrow and the ‘W’ too wide.
I like your attempt.

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nice, din-like typeface, clear, modern and legible

i think the arm on the upper case L could do with being shortened, or maybe just available shorter as an alternate figure

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As I already mentioned in your deleted post;

I like this, the geometric feel it has, without it becoming too impersonal.
Some crits:
The lc 'a' might benefit from a little bit smaller bowl. It's not needed per sé, but I think the contrast would be better, when you compare it to the size of the counter of the 'e'. Something like that would maybe be better.
The uc 'L' arm should be shortened a bit. The left shoulder of your 'm' has some bumps in the curve. The 'r' is a bit wide (maybe chop some of the arm).
The crosscurl in the 'Q' somehow doesn't look natural at the moment.
Both 's' and 'S' have some minor issues, although I cannot pinpoint exactly what it is at the moment.
I'm not sure it's a problem, but some of your (nice looking) inktraps could probably be made a tad bigger. Especially on characters where the shoulder joins the stem like on the 'n'. So the 'p', 'h', 'm', etc. To prevent the stems that extend above the shoulder clogging up.

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Thanks to all of you for the advices and comments.

Quincunx > especially to you for taking the time and writing the helpful tips. I prepared a new version - did most of the modifications you mentioned (like enlarging the inktraps - but just a little bit ) and checked the curvatures of the letters, found and corrected some errors. However, i didn't like "a" with much smaller bowl - it somehow looked cheap to me... Also, i came up with new Q crosscurl and prepared more characters. Everything posted in the strangular_v2.pdf

Alessandro - you got lots of extremely helpful resources on your website, wow... perfectly useful..


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Nice one. I like that Q better. Curves are now smooth. I'm not sure if the larger inktraps made anything better, but they do look nice now. Maybe someone else has advice on that.
If you didn't like an 'a' with a smaller bowl, then of course don't do it. :)

It's unfortunate that ther were no more people with tips. Because I'm no real expert like some of the other people on this forum. But maybe someone will post some other time.

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