(x) NYT 'T' Magazine thin condensed modern serif - Giorgio {Kris Sowersby}

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Hello All,
I haven't read T magazine in a while but it looks like they've introduced a new typeface. Can anyone tell me what it is? I'm quite lazy and honestly can't figure it out.


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Nice Kris, that one was news to me and I'm constantly watching the Schwartz Channel!

Similar typefaces:

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I have to say, I'm surprised to see this face on your ID board already. I delivered the font last week and it debuted today. Anyway, Kris knows this family better than most people, as he's working on the small version right now.

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Utterly yummy, Christian.

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Finally a reallly light Corvinus .) Will it never ever be available for licensing?

"...the Schwartz Channel" I'd watch that :-D

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I believe the word 'fierce' would apply for this new offering. Gorgeous!

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