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Iv been designing a new website portfolio for myself, and i was using the 'paper' symbol on many printers for icons for each project. I am a print based designer usually. I wasnt trying to make a logo but i turned the symbol upside down and it looked like a P, so i made this:

The thing is im never really in favour of personal logo's especially for students (like me), comes accross slightly pretentious to me. However im using the paper icon on my site anyway so i though this might be acceptable.

What do you think about it? Does it say 'print designer', i have a bad feeling this is such an obvious logo it will have been done a thousand times. I wasnt really looking to make a personal logo but this just came to me...

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Well, I like logos in general... so I also like personal logos. Although I'm sure there's logos that use the paper icon (and I'm sure countless with CMYK color schemes) I've never seen one upside down. The fact that your first initial is hidden in there is a nice accident. I'd suggest to try adding a counter to the "P" but I think that would destroy the subtly... and probably ugly it up a bit.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best one.

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I really like it, it's clever and simple. I see both the P and the J perfectly. Very nice!

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go for it !

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iv actually decided not to use it. Apart from not really seeing the worth of a student having a logo, i dont think it actually suits my work. But if im ever doing a logo for a printers beginning with P...

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"iv actually decided not to use it."

Don't be so hard on yourself. It's a good idea!

We're designers. We're supposed to be pretentious. Go for the logo! ;o)

It does seem obvious, but I've never seen it, and it does work great with your 'P' so go for it. The best logos ARE the ones that seem so obvious in hindsight.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a good idea!

I Agree, it's simple and effective. Besides it's not like you're paying for it. I when you grow tired of it you can always change it. Another thing to keep in mind is that you'll probably never be 100%happy with you're own logo design (design is both a gift and a curse for us). :)

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Simple. Effective. Great. Use it!

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