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It appears that some Typophile forum & wiki headings are rendered as plain text, with the aid of a flash script (masthead.swf / block_title.swf). Because of this script, the font displayed on screen is not dependent on the client's system.

Does anyone have more info on this, or a similar flash script which renders web fonts in this manner?

I've searched high and low without much success :/


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Hi noftus,

I have been using the sIFR script on numerous occasions with success. Version 3.0 is currently in beta but still very stable to use. You can read about / download it here. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stable release, you can download version 2.0.2 here.

Please note though that the use of Flash replacement techniques requires quite a bit of resources, so it is suggested you use it sparingly. It is my experience that anything over 10 replacements per page will start detracting from a user's experience.

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Dumb question, and likely the wrong spot to ask, but how do you run the .fla file? Do you need to have a Flash developing program?

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Thanks Vincent, Stephen. Much appreciated.

Yes Metal, .fla files require Flash editor, which are then exported as .swf, which can be run by the client.

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