***HELP*** Embedd bitmap fonts in html website

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getting desperate and i have a question about fonts in for html
would neone know of or an online source or anything on:

how to embed bitmap fonts into an html website, ok viewed across all browsers, and users dont need a plugin of ne sort



was wanting to use pixella

if neone knowds of nething let me know please

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I'm not sure what fonts you're referring to on mmparis.com. Looks like simple HTML specifying Monaco.

vllg.com - Are you speaking of the "mudTyper"? This is a Javascript designed by MudCorp.

underware.nl - The animation you see on that page is a simple animated GIF. The rest of the text is Verdana, called by CSS.

What would you like to do with the embedded bitmap fonts? Will they require interaction from the user or simply present information?

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You can either use PHP+JS, PHP+CSS or Flash, I think.

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sIFR is great. It's Flash, but Flash is basically on every computer, so I hope you don't count it as "an extension." I'm using it on one of my pages, and I can only speak wonders of it.

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simply present information
with a second look it does look like Monaco with the m/m one
the underware page has some Unibody there and the villg.com site has a bitmapp font there
hope this makes sense

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Usually, whenever you see a typeface on the web that is not a font installed on most operating systems, it's displayed as an image. The easiest way to tell if it's an image is to try to select the text. If you can, it's a font that you have on your machine, and not an "embedded bitmap". If you can't, it's an image. (There are a few rare exceptions, such as sIFR, that Dan mentioned.)

This is the case with Unibody on the Underware page. Take the "NEW" icon, for example. The type is set in an app like Photoshop, output as a GIF and displayed on the page as an image. The rest of the text on that page is set in Verdana, as indicated in the site's CSS.

Still not seeing the vllg.com bitmap. Can you tell us exactly which words you're seeing in this font?

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