Type sites to visit in Paris?

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I am planning a trip to Paris, and would like everyone's input: What are the must-see sights (and sites) for a typophile visiting the City of Light?

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you could visit a graphic design galery near La Bastille (Wim Crouwel exhibition)
Galerie Anatome

and check the exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou

Have a good trip

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Great ideas -- thanks so much!

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if you're looking for some trendy design stuff and a few nice books, check out colette: http://www.colette.fr/

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In less than a week, I'll be visiting Paris for six days, so I'll try to check out Galerie Anatome and the Centre Pompidou; thanks for your tips! And of course, I would appreciate further suggestions as well.

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I know this is an old thread but I recently landed in Paris and would love to visit some nice places.

Has anybody got any design/type related galleries, sites or locations to see around Paris?

Can anybody recommend any good book shops?


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