If You were not Designer, What would you be?

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I’m so grabbing this question from another thread but I thought it would be fun to post as its own topic.

I’m feeling Fonty right now but that could change…

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Married to Liza Minnelli!

Thanks folks, I'll be here all week...

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A lawyer.

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I thought about it.
But I won't be another one than Georg.

I am a driver of a company stretch limousine:


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love technician

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An architect! Houses and buildnings have always fascinated me.

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Out of work

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Mix tape curator


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A Doctor.

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An unemployed opera singer or a warm-up act comedian at an old-age home on open-mike night :-)


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A Physicist or an Engineer... Of course, the work would be harder and I probably wouldn't get laid as often. Sacrifices I suppose.

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A poor artist or a chemist.

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Looks like your "Stretch Limo" was accidentally redistributed into the thinspace bin :-)


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I didn't know being a designer had become a bedside mannerism :-)


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I'd be a shrink. I love listening to peoples problems. Makes me feel better about my own.

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Dr. Patty,
Do you have an opening at 3:00pm? I have enough problems to tell you to make you feel better for life :-)


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I would either be a racecar driver or an accountant. How's that for range.

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I guess we can't typecast Matthew!


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I can't imagine not doing something that doesn't involve design, so perhaps the "right" answer is dead.

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Rally Car Driver. Maaaaybe president.

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On the Dole probably, or working in school…wait I do that already.

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Chris - that'll be 5¢.

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Linus will pay you Tuesday Patty :-)


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Good grief!

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Marine Biologist. Photographer. Language teacher. Actor. Novelist. There's no shortage of interesting things to do in this world.

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a gardener. They don't need upgrades, validation, registration numbers and don't expire in 2 years and decompose on their own.

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A retired major league athlete.

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beach bum, scavenger, itinerant minstrel, inmate, monk, prostitute, or....
wait a minute, as a freelance designer i get to be all these things !!


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Rock Star Groupie

Edit: But I'd need a time machine as I'd want it to be for Led Zeppelin in their hayday. :^D

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Edit: cross post

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Gardener sounds good. Or Scientist. Or Blimp Pilot, or Ice Cream flavor inventor... Erik is right, there are no end of interesting things.

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Good grief indeed! That photo has made my day, Chris! :-D

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Glad to help! Now if you pay me 5 cents Ricardo, I can pay Patty what I owe her :-)


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An architect (after my foundation year at college, I had to make a choice between becoming an artist/designer or architect).

Otherwise I would be...

a Kung Fu Master.

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I worked in a psychiatric hospital for 6 years- no joke. That was somewhat different than scheduled appointments in an outpatient psychiatric setting, but similar in some aspects as well. I worked with people on all different functioning levels, running groups, 1:1 counseling, verbal/physical intervention, etc.

I got burned out and did a career change in my early 20s. I have no desire to go back to psyche in any capacity- it wouldn't be right anyway, because my heart's not in it any longer. I do think the experience has helped me be a better designer on a psychological aspect- I'm pretty good at getting a feel for what clients will like... it's hard to explain so briefly here.

If I weren't an illustrator, I'd want to be a rock star. Get up on stage and deafen myself as I pound the crap out of my instrument and then go drink beer after the show. Maybe run off with some adoring fan. I say this because I thought working with type would be similar, and man what a let down that has been. :)

If I couldn't be the rock star and needed to get something a little more "down to earth", I'd go into sales.

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During college I worked as a bag boy in a supermarket. After about a year, I told the store manager I wanted to quit, that I was going to pursue a career in art. He urged me to reconsider, that I a guy like me could go far in the grocery business, that I was throwing away a good opportunity.

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> I can’t imagine not doing something that doesn’t involve design,
> so perhaps the “right” answer is dead.

Linda, do you live to design or design to live?

> A gardener. They don’t need upgrades, validation, registration numbers
and don’t expire in 2 years and decompose on their own.

__ A gardener. They don’t need Typophies, validation, registration members
and do multiply in 2 years and don’t decompose in town.

Vinceconnare, we need a quick change of direction?!

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Aziz, what do you mean by 'Designer'?

'Cause I understand 'Designer' as one who can communicate - and one who can communicate in many different disciplines is one as valid(?) as one who can communicate in a single discipline ie. Type.

I'm a grad of the Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture, (only because it was the lesser of all evils), and I have dabbled in fashion design, graphic design, and industrial design. Unfortunately, and with deep regret, I only got a grip on the design of Type a year or so ago.

Az man, if I couldn't design - I would die of a broken heart - serious.


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I'd be a pole dancer.

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> Aziz, what do you mean by ‘Designer’?

* Hiroshige, All the above-mentioned + the One who does Construction+Deconstruction+Destruction with XXX?!

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I'd probably be either a filmmaker/animator or an illustrator/artist.

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Actually, I wasn't kidding about the Kung Fu Master answer, though I did forget to mention teacher.

For me art, design, typography, calligraphy, martial arts (I've studied nearly fifteen years traditional Japanese and Chinese martial arts with asian masters) and teaching are all part of being... and each one shares or infuses meaning into the others.

Though not typically connected in Western thought, becoming a master swordsman or calligrapher was not seen as very different from an Eastern viewpoint.

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Music producer or DJ. Or a Chemist. I did study one year of chemical engineering before quiting it to start in graphic design.

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Aziz, you wrote Linda, do you live to design or design to live?

Probably both. ;-) After having a career as a successful writer and broadcaster, I trained and practiced as an interior designer in NYC, and combined the two by doing pretty much everything in PR, marketing, communications and publications design -- for "fun", I did "craft."

Then I went back to graduate school to do a Masters in Environmental Design and started exploring a lot more of the graphic/typography side of wayfinding and how we interact with our world. Now I've brought that part of me together with the craft side to design and bind books.

And write a little.

Terry, you wrote I’d probably be either a filmmaker/animator or an illustrator/artist.

Doesn't count, man: that's still "design." ;-)

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Musician. Oh wait, I already tried that…


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@ Paul,
very good humor, indeed. :-)


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I’d probably be either a filmmaker/animator or an illustrator/artist.

I know Linda will object to 2/3 of my answer (and rightly so!), but it is pretty close to Terry's: If I weren't a designer, I would perhaps be a filmmaker, an illustrator, or a writer.

Now if you pay me 5 cents Ricardo, I can pay Patty what I owe her.

Here ya go, Chris. :-)

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Ricardo, that is a beaut! a 1935 Indian head nichol!

Well Patty, I guess it belongs to you now :-) I'll be in New York next weekend to get my head shrunk ( by Maxim Zhukov).


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Here we go again with the SPAM botts!!!


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Yup. By the way, Chris, that nickel was brought to you courtesy of Wikipedia... :-)

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