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I'm Matthew Heinrich from Chicago.

  • I'm a long time lurker via the RSS feeds.
  • I'm 25 years old and an Art+Design BA student at DePaul University. Stifle your chortles, please. My school might not be reputable as an art school, but I'm passionate and hard-working (and something of an autodidact).
  • I work three part time jobs: As a/the (it's complicated) lab admin for the department's computer labs, as the department's in-house designer/webmaster, and as an intern building websites for a design firm.
  • I formerly studied psycholinguistics and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Chicago. It ended three years into my degree with a nervous breakdown.
  • I'm a student member of aTypI and AIGA.
  • I'm interested in:
    • Contemporary (not modern) applications of Bauhaus and Swiss Modernism
    • Web typography (and its discontents)
    • Software and hardware as it applies to design
    • Letterpress and serigraphy (though I haven't tried my hand at either yet)
    • Anywhere that design overlaps with psychology (which is just about everyhwere)
    • Hermetic knowledge
    • Parenthetical statements (obviously)
  • Fun facts:
    • I'm ambidextrous (or more accurately, ambisinistral).
    • I don't follow sports, so don't ask about the bears, bulls, cubs, sox, fire, &c.
    • I live in Lincoln Square.
    • I'm a lapsed Catholic.
    • I'm really hoping all these nested lists work out.
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ambisinistral>>> you are versatile with your left side???.... Ohh and welcome to typophile :-)


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Nice introduction, check this out, Matthew :

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Ambisinistral would likely mean he's a lefty who has learned full capability with his right hand (like my dad).

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I must say I have a soft spot for people who properly craft nested HTML lists.

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You are correct, Metalfoot. Give your dad a left-handed handshake followed by a left-handed look for me.

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Thanks! They are ever so useful, don't you think? I could prattle on endlessly about the glories of the unordered list.

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It's me... Erin Anderson... your ENG 104 prof. Funny meeting you here! Welcome to the forums and I hope all's going well.

FYI- Columbia Univ. Center for Book & Paper Arts offers letterpress classes. I've been flirting with enrolling myself (taking a screenprinting course now instead). It might be worth a look.

Also, you might check for letterpress information and resources.

paperina inc.

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