If you were a typeface what would it be?

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I'm so grabbing this question from another thread but I thought it would be fun to post as its own topic.

I'm feeling kind of Dalliance right now but that could change...

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Today I'm feeling schizophrenic—of two minds if you like—a little bit Fontesque Sans, because it is frilly without being frou frou, and a little bit Aspect, because I'm all out changing things up in my life right now!

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fleischmann and royal grotesk.

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I might have to throw some Parisine Plus into my profile too - that'd be my sans at the moment.


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Wasn't that the font used for the titles of X Men the movie?

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10 poinjt Futura bold in metal. No bullsh it!!


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Ultimate Ornaments

...at least for now.

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A mixture of Monogram English, Big Caslon and Bank Gothic

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I'd say I'm Lagarto at the moment: I want to look really pretty, but I can't escape my imperfections. Although Lagarto's imperfections are purposeful, while mine, well, aren't.

Just before I came across this thread, I was reading this post and this post on John Nack's (Photoshop project manager) blog about the personality of their applications. Coincidence, or are people in a metaphorical mood tonight?

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(Darn, I was thinking about starting this as a thread too: read my mind!)

Well, some days I'm more Solemnis, but other days I'm much more Albertus.

And with apologies to Vince, I have never been in the past, am not now, and can't ever conceive of a time when I will be this.

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It all goes by so fast…


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Dolly. it’s so sweet.


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LOL Paul I was gonna choose Coquette for my sans but I thought if I paired that with Dalliance people might get the wrong idea about me.

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I'm a bit bipolar, so I should probably be Dead History. Or maybe AG Super. Or Morpheus. Or maybe I should just do my homework.

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Cool question pattyfab. Well, that depends on whether it's one of my own typefaces or someone else's. I guess if I was one of mine I would be "Hucklebuck". It sort of captures my personality and plus my mom used to call me that when I was a kid. If I was someone else's font I would be Hoefler Text...solid and dependable yet classy. :)

There might be some who would say I was Avant Garde ;^)~

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Mayo for sure.

Everyone would want to hold me.

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Gif Animation with Flowers!

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I'ld like to be a lead Futura Book, but including all ligatures of course:
clean, logical, pure.


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Today, anything by Jonathan Barnbrook. My knee hurts like a bastard


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Two come in my mind -
Baskerville (from Bodoni) and Jesus loves you all (from de Groot) ;)

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I went with Tyfa for the identity work—I'm still feeling it.

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Either a Boulder dash for Now but sometimes I feel a little green and might try my luck at getting worts :-)


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I'm having Caslon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So definitely Caslon.

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Amplitude - It's new every time.

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I guess I’d be Arnhem Blond—
and Sirenne on Sundays.

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It's a toss up between letterspaced, fake extended tempus sans and this.

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Hi Thierry,

could you give a sample of fleicshmann and royal grotesk typeface?

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Fleischmann (digital), search the DTL (dutch type library)
Royal Grotesk, search typophile, there is a fine thread about Akzidenz Grotesk, as far as i remember there are picts of RG posted.
I don't believe you, hehe :)

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Well done Patty – it was a great question on the other thread (due credit to Matthew), and it's a great question here.

When Muzz says 10 point Futura bold in metal... it reminds me of this

('Art Directors Against Futura Extra Bold Condensed' by Jerry Ketel, from 1992's TDC Typography 13) which I always thought was more than a little unfair to all parties concerned.

Myself, I'd love to be Bliss, but that's probably a long way from the truth!

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Well that's the question, do you go with the clever name or the font that actually expresses who you are (or think you are)? Points up the importance of naming your font.

I'm feeling kind of Grotesk after sitting at my computer all day but may feel more Bliss-ful if I do the Salsa at a Danceparty (after taking Xcstasy). Or maybe if I indulge my inner Coquette and put on some BlueEyeShadow, I'll have a Fling - on the Boxspring. Of course I hope it's not with an Awkward Asswipe who is having an extended Adolescence, or a Degenerate with Ebola. Or a Phreak. Then I'll turn into Creepygirl and go into Hystrix. That would be a TimeinHell.

Or if I'm feeling Artistik I can go to my studio.

I am too busy to provide links for all these fonts, sorry...

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Since I signed the landlord's contract of the new PBM I feel very

but before it was a hard fight to get it and I felt more Tannenberg

I Garamond italiced
the manager of the owner and Jaguared
with my wife to agree. But from the moment I went into the last decision meeting, I was Block.


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But actually, I feel a little horse right now ;^)

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Today I felt overly abused, misunderstood and under appreciated. Guess I'd be Comic Sans. :P

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Norbert gets the Shecky Greene award, and a rimshot :-)


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by poms @adhartha
Fleischmann (digital), search the DTL (dutch type library)
Royal Grotesk, search typophile, there is a fine thread about Akzidenz Grotesk, as far as i remember there are picts of RG posted.
I don’t believe you, hehe :)

im not as "john doe" as i seem but charming if im normal and im cristal sharp in my thoughts if i reach that rare state of mind that fits fleischmann ;)

ps: you got mail.

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Old Claude by Paul Shaw.

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Very funny Dan. Perhaps somewhere in an alternate universe there's a happening Renaissance French geezer who thinks he could be a typeface named 'old Dan'...

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i feel like a mix of chalet, neutra, gotham, verlag and din :).

golden ratio of passion. sansogno.coastaldisturbance.com

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Futura all weights and Base 12 small caps. I may also put on a helvetica tuxedo to go to advertising events. lol.

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Very funny Dan. Perhaps somewhere in an alternate universe there’s a happening Renaissance French geezer who thinks he could be a typeface named ‘old Dan’…

That would would be totally awesome. But I must say, out of all of the different "eroded" types like Founder's Caslon and the Fell types and others, Old Claude is easily my favorite. It still feels like a Garamond. But I seriously wish that Paul Shaw would design a matching Italic. As it is, I used MVB Celestia Antiqua's italic, since it's a fairly decent match.

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Quadraat (serif)

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By midnight, I'm an illegible bitmap face designed by some student for the video game he's building in RPGMaker.

In the morning, I am Comic Sans OT Pro with all the ligatures.

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