New guy and feeling somewhat overwhelmed

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Hi I was never good at describing myself, but I'' give it a go.

I'm from a town called Rochdale in England. I'm a fully trained Graphic Designer and my work consists mainly of font design and typography. I'm here to learn and give advice if I can.

Cheers for listening.

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Hi Andy, welcome home :-)


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Ah, Rochdale: immortalized in a wonderful song by 10CC.... ;-)

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Thankyou for making me feel welcome, I'm an admin on a graphics forum so the conversation is as you guessed about Graphic Design, for the most part. It will be nice to mix with people who do the same work as me and share the same interest - type.

Thanks again

PS - Linda, Rochdale should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE be immortaized.

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If you were a typeface, which one would you be? ;-)

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It would either have to be one of these

Monogram English,

Big Caslon

Bank Gothic

I'm torn between the three.

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Muy money was on Bank Gothic :-)


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It's a real struggle to choose. I wonder what an amalgamation of the three would look like…

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That would be a bizarre transpolation experiment :-)


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Big English Gothic!


jlt :

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Maybe I'll try when I have some time spare

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Welcome Andy.

Or should that amalgamation be Caslon's Bank Monogram? So many choices, so little time...

Presumably you're not up for any Mike Harding jokes either? I can't remember what it sounded like, but it's a fun picture.

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You mean the one that goes " i don't like cricket... I love it."

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That guy looks like my mate down at my local.

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You mean the one that goes ” i don’t like cricket… I love it.”

Right album, wrong song. You're thinking of Dreadlock Holiday -- the album is Bloody Tourists. ;-)

It's been digitally remastered to CD and has an extra track from the playlist -- brilliant album....

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I remember the Bloody Tourists ads in Creem magazine... pretty funny ads as I recall. Most likely Hipgnosis were behind 'em, as they did a few 10cc album covers.

And welcome to Typophile, Weeman!

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Rochdale, hmm. My whole family are from there, and most of them still live there.

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Have they been known to frequent the Baum (off Toad Lane), if so I probaly know them.

Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone, it's most appreciated.

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