(x) Calvin Klein logo geometric sans - custom drawn {Nick Job}

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Hi there,
I'm new to this forums. I am currently searching the exact font used on the Calvin Klein logo.
I first thought it was Futura, but the C isn't quite right, and the e is more round. Then I thought of Avenir, but the a isn't right, neither is the K. Century Gothic doesn't fit (i, K), and myFont.com's WhatTheFont guessed it was Litera, wich it isn't (look at the e, the i and the K).

So, do you know what the exact font might be?

Thanks in advance :)

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Custom design, I reckon. Maybe Avant Garde will get you closer.

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thanks for the links dude!

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I think taht the using here is : "Levenim MT" without the point of the letter "i", because its a little bit up as it appear in the logo

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