Hirakaku Pro W3 - Japanese Font

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Hello all,

I am trying to find out whether the afforementioned font is commercially available in PC format, (TT, Type1 or OTF). It seems, from the information I have found so far that it is a MAC OS system font.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.

Kind regards

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I'm guessing you won't find what you need and that this was a custom typeface specifically created for the Mac OS.

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Ehh,and what's the difference between this type and Hiragino Kaku Gothic - Japanese Font ?They are so familiar.

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Dainippon Screen bundles several of their Hiragino (ヒラギノ) fonts with Mac OS X, including Simplified Chinese versions. They also sell them separately on their website, though you'll need to navigate it in Japanese.

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To Guangdong: They are the same. The "Gothic" (sans serif) is implicit in the name.

BTW, I didn't realize that you resurrected a five-year-old thread. ;-)

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